Saturday, December 3, 2011


hello peeps. i write this post special dedicated to my friend. this guy.
thank you for being by my side even though we're apart.
thank you for making me smile when i was so sad.
thank you for drawing my face.haha. it look funny but it is nice.
thanks bro. and thank you. for making me a poem. 
it touched me actually.

Atiqah Kamarudin you mistery,you come alone with your destiny
this is your life a battlefield telling you who you are,
Atiqah Kamarudin you bury your loneliness deep in your eyes,sadness lies in your smile,
but victory shines in your eyes you still alive

actually, when i read this
suddenly tears in my eyes.
but i'm not crying
i'm smiling. i'm touched by your sweet little poem.
and of course by the pic. haha
very nice of you. thank for being by my side.
again. thank you so much.
=') bye  

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