Thursday, April 26, 2012

malam yang sepi...

oky dooky..
malam ni aku tak dapat tidur..
and i don't know why..
and suddenly i flash back my memories to....
and i looked at those pictures, seeing him died...
how i really miss my Citam..
and i know now that you're gone but i hope u won't blame my family and i..
because right here right now i'm feeling guilty...
i've tried my best to safe u Citam..
and now i really miss your voice, your gedix and so on..
may God blesss my family and i..
and may u'd be peace in 'there'..

and suddenly i going crazy..
i felt empty..
i remember how it was back then, being dumped.
and i feel sad of course, and don't know why i remembered that moment..
maybe because i just feeling lonely...
and i merepek tah pape kat blog ni..
i'm so sorry...bye.