Friday, October 5, 2012

Friday Freak!


* muncung panjang *

ahahah..its Friday again!
seperti biasa...alhamdulillah ku masih bernyawa.
dan seperti biasa...katakan tak nak kepada BEKERJA!


betul laaa. tak nak bekerja. tak nak! tak nak!
hahahahaah (ketawa jahat)

Friday is the lazy day for me. very very lazy.
and this is the time for me to re-check my proposal and questionnaire.
I text my prof early in the morning. asking him whether he is alright or not so that I can make a phone call to him. yeah. he didn't reply. and yeah! I forgot. Terengganu-Friday-Holiday. prrffttt.

so, what to do??
I hope he is going to read and check my proposal and questionnaire that I've sent.

*muka chumel, mata berkaca*

and as usually,,,the 2 of my bosses outstation..bhuahahahahahaha

ok bye -.-

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