Thursday, September 6, 2012


I'm just fine with these people.
I'm just fine left them with their attitude.
The attitude that they proud of for NOTHING actually.
yes. proud for nothing.
so..what I am gonna do is, remove these people in my life.
as simple as that.
I will do what I said, not like OTHERS.
OTHERS just say it without try to make work on what they said.
old folks said,"CAKAP TAK SERUPA BIKIN"
and this kind old folks also said that,"BUAT BAIK BERPADA-PADA, BUAT JAHAT JANGAN SEKALI"
I'm done my good deeds and the best of me.
I'm done with it. now it is my time to show the 'devil' in me.
and I am willing to the the small evil thing towards these PEOPLE.
tired of being kind for those STUPID, UNGRATEFUL PEOPLE.

(berterabur. marah sangat)

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