Friday, December 3, 2010

DrAmA dRaMa & DrAmA

i remember when a friend of mine say something to me
we were in a bus, on the way home
"..........facing so many drama surrounding us, whether we like or not we need to face them. sometimes we are getting tired"
i just give him a smile and says "ya, a lot of drama out there."
some drama just gonna cut my throat, killing myself
i am totally agreed with you my dear friend.
sometimes we forget that, we're part of the drama.
you remind me with the saddest drama that happen in my life
and i know, you, wanted to have an "angel" once in your entire life. so do i
and you asked me, "is that man was your true love or just a puppy love?"
"haha. i don't know. just go with the flow. afraid of hoping so high. we doesn't even know our destiny right?"
"ya you're right. but, impossible if you don't know your feeling"
"ok..enough bout me.."
i remember the day we spent together.
you make me realize something.
because you keep question me when there's come something that you really curious to know.
you keep want that answer from me
ah. thanks my friend.
any way, hope we are strong enough to faces those dramas'
like we always heard
if you can't avoid it, then enjoy it  
enjoy the drama TIQ. i know you will

current mood: confuse, sad, empty

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